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clean snicker dates

Ingredients / items needed :
  • 12 Pitted medjool dates
  • peanuts
  • peanut butter - stick with one that is free of added sugar, and contains only one or two ingredients ( Trader Joe’s & Whole Food’s both offer good versions of this, Santa Cruz brand is great too )
  • HU dark chocolate gems ( ) about 1/2 a cup 
  • Flaky sea salt 
  • hemp hearts 
  • Optional - crushed red pepper flakes ( I like to use chiltepin which are quite spicy & not for the faint of heart it is 20 times hotter than a jalapeño - if you REALLY like spice like me give them a try!  ) 
  • Parchment paper 
  • Sheet pan 



  1. Line sheet pan w/ parchment paper
  2. Make a slit on one side of the date ( remove pit if your dates are not pitted ) Flatten the date on the sheet pan, repeat with all the dates
  3. Layer a spoonful ( about 1 tbs ) on top of the flattened dates, repeat with all dates
  4. Add a layer of peanuts on top of the peanut butter ( I push each peanut into the peanut butter to help them stay in place )
  5. Place HU chocolate gems in a microwave safe bowl , melt in microwave for 30 sec increments until smooth, stirring occasionally.
  6. Spoon melted chocolate over the dates 
  7. Sprinkle with hemp seeds, flakey sea salt & chili flakes ( if using ) 
  8. Place in refrigerator to set, this will take about 30 min. 
  9. Enjoy!