Den Blanc Candle


The Den Blanc Candle, a delicate floral symphony encased in a classic white glass vessel. Infusing your den with the natural allure of a garden, it unveils romantic notes of freshly picked roses woven with grounding sandalwood. Sweet, fresh, and elusive, enriched by warm, woody accents, this fragrance breathes life into your space.

Hand-poured in the USA, this 8oz candle is crafted using a natural, paraben-free coconut wax infused with essential oils.

Key Notes: Immerse in the romance of White Rose, earthy patchouli, and grounding sandalwood. Their harmonious dance creates a captivating ambiance, turning your den into a serene retreat, a breath of a blooming garden.

Caution: Prior to lighting, trim the wick to 1/4". Burn on a level, fire-resistant surface. Avoid burning for more than four hours at a time. Keep away from combustible items, children, and pets.